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About Us

  The Beaver Family  


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our team consists of like-minded individuals who are passionate and good at what they do. The benefit of our small company is that everyone holds a wide range of expertise which allows us to maintain an efficient and dynamic working environment.

Welcome to BCCI

We believe that experience, transparency, communication and fair pricing are paramount to being a successful general contractor. We hear too many horror stories from clients about surprise change orders, lack in communication and quitting mid-project. While surprises and delays are a part of the industry, we do everything we can to avoid them. When they do come up, we are transparent and provide the best options to move forward for you. 

Building Connections

We would rather do 100 projects for 1 client, than 100 projects for 100 clients. Relationship building is our passion, construction is our trade.

Expertise and Insight

With our experience, we are able to anticipate possible delays and problem solve quickly. Too many times have we heard clients say their past GC has backed out midway through a project because they are in over their head. 

Reliable Partnership

We may not always be the cheapest, but we are thorough in our work which allows you to sleep easy at night. Let us do the work for you while keeping you up to date with progress photos, reports and meetings.

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